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Argonian Sympathiser

Hayley May and Fiona Christie - Second Skin. 2009.

The gen-i Creative Excellence Section of the awards had the theme ‘fold’ this year.  The designers were encouraged to engage with ‘the transformation of the flat surface’ through folding, to emerge as a sculptural WearableArt garment.  Folding can be used to design forms from hard or soft materials.  Bend, crease, crinkle, drape, groove, layer, loop, overlap, plait, pleat, ply, pucker and wrinkle.

The construction of this garment focused tightly on the brief, with pleats transforming the flat surface of the fabric into a second skin of scales and folds of skin that move with the body; mobile pleats and folds at the toes, knees and elbows that make this one fluid and sculptural reptile.  Using a palette of white-on-white lycra, tulle, nylon and sheepskin, the garment relies on shadows, movement and its immaculate construction for drama and impact.  The mix of garment construction and design (architecture) expertise is a real strength of this team effort, the conceptual aspects of the garment translate well and it avoids the too literal costume-like aspects of some of the entries.”

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